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Another Travel Dream Comes True!

[A story, and another self-promoting post. Thank you for indulging me!]

While at a networking function last year, my friend Wendy Sipple – who happens to be the COO and Publisher of  Style Media Group, a Folsom (California) publishing company – asked me where my next travel adventure would take me. I told her I was going to New Zealand in early 2013.

And then I boldly asked if SMG’s other publication, Style Magazine, might be interested in having me write an article about my trip.

“Let me present the idea to the committee,” Wendy said.

A few months later I received a follow-up email from Megan Wiskus, Managing Editor of Style, asking if I was still interested in writing a travel article for their July 2013 issue.

“Absolutely!” I said. “And I would be happy to provide my own photos as well.”

So the assignment was made, a contract was signed, and the smile on my face was HUGE!

And from February 5th through March 7th I explored New Zealand. I journaled. I took thousands of photos – literally!

And a few months after I returned I wrote the article: 1600 words, covering 30 days. (That’s an average of 53 words per day, or 134 words per city.) THAT was the toughest part of this assignment.

But I did it, and submitted the article – and 20 photos – ten days before deadline.

A few weeks later Megan sent me another email saying, “We’d love to put more of your beautiful photos on our website. Would it be possible to have you send me a handful more?”

And after I SQUEALED with delight, I very calmly emailed my response: “Yes!”

Images by RJM

If you live in the Roseville / Granite Bay / Folsom / El Dorado Hills areas and would like to get your hands on the print version of “The Land of Plenty; Navigating New Zealand,” described as “[an] inspiring read and visual feast journaling a local’s trek around the magnificent island country,” go to and click on “Get Your Copy” to find out where it’s available.

I hope you’ll be inspired to fulfill your own travel dreams.

And thanks for allowing me to publicly celebrate mine!


By Jeri Murphy

Traveler, writer, photographer, former wedding officiant, mother, friend, explorer and new Texian ... that's just a little about me!

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