Trail of the Cedars, Glacier National Park

Images by RJM

My friend and fellow travel-junkie, Jen Snyder, recently went to Glacier National Park in Montana. I was there in 2005, and it is Gorgeous with a capital “G”! And she totally agrees. In fact, she and her husband, Mark, have declared this park to be their Favorite!

As Jen and Mark hiked toward Avalanche Lake, they found a wheelchair accessible trail, called “Trail of the Cedars.” And being the good friend that she is, she made sure I knew about it.

“The hike begins with the Trail of the Cedars, which is an accessible loop trail consisting of boardwalks and paved surfaces. While it wasn’t the most challenging part of the hike that morning, I loved that it was accessible for those in a wheelchair ….”

Naturally, I want to pass along the information and Jen’s beautiful photos – another thing we have in common! You can read about Trail of the Cedars here.

Jen has a wonderful blog called People + Places + Things. And as you might guess, she writes about interesting people, places she’s been (or hopes to go), and things that make her heart sing (or give her pause for reflection). I highly recommend that you check it out (and follow it, of course!)

Happy trails, Jen. And thanks for noticing the accessibility!

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