Listed below are some resources for travelers in wheelchairs or with other special mobility needs.

If you have found another blog or website that is particularly helpful for travelers with accessibility needs, please comment below.

Ability Superstore: UK-based business that provides mobility aids.

AccessibleGO: “A type of ‘tripadvisor’ for people with disabilities”

Accessible Journeys: Creating accessible lifestyle vacations for slow walkers, wheelchair travelers, their families and their friends since 1985.

Barrier Free Travels: Travel information for slow walkers to wheelchair users.

Curb Free with Cory Lee: Sharing the world from a wheelchair-user’s perspective.

Easy Access Travel: Meeting the special needs of disabled and mature travelers.

European Network for Accessible Travel: Working together to make tourism in Europe accessible for all.

Morocco Accessible Travel Consultants: Discover Morocco with a different perspective.


2 replies on “Blogroll”

Hey I’m from Trip Ability a site trying to provide reviews and advice on stress free travel for the disabled, i came across a link to your blog and I was reading through it and it’s awesome! My boss is trying to find guest bloggers for our site so I was wondering if you’d like me to put you forward? He is going to pay them for every blog or article published.

Drop me a E-mail if your intrested

Take care


Thank you for your kind comments, Graham.
I’ve looked at Trip Ability’s website and I would certainly be interested in contributing as a guest blogger.
I’ll send you an email.


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