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MSQLP Field Trip to Point Lobos

The following is  guest post from our friend, Tammy Jennings, a Board Member of the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Project (MSQLP), a gifted writer and wonderful photographer!

(She’s the pretty blonde on the left in the first photo; all other photos were taken by her.)

My first thought was…WOW!  My second thought was…thank you, thank you, thank you volunteers, Conservation Corps, and Pt. Lobos staff for making the handicap accessible trails!  I thought I’d never be able to experience the wonder and awe of Pt. Lobos again.  But now we all can!  I had an unforgettable time.    The weather was perfect…the scenery breath-taking…and our docent/guide (Larry Swank) was extremely knowledgeable and patient.  Thank you Larry.
The whole MS support group went on the “Bird Island Trail”.
MSQLP Group at Point Lobos
MSQLP Group at Point Lobos

We passed “China Cove” on the way to Bird Island.  What can I say … unbelievable beauty and playful sea lions; what a wonderful combination.  Add to that, the colors of the crystal clear water … well it was truly spectacular!

China Cove, Point Lobos
China Cove, Point Lobos

We passed at least 4 artists along the trail trying to capture its picturesque beauty.

Artist at Point Lobos
Artist at Point Lobos

As we went further down the trail towards Bird Island, we passed another 2 beaches and a multitude of wild flowers.


When we arrived at our destination, Docent Larry’s knowledge of the diverse gathering of birds on Bird Island made the trip that much better and educational.

Tammy #6

Tammy #7

After the group made its way back to the beginning, MSQLP had lunch for us. What a perfect ending to a perfect day.  Thank you.

Tammy #8


Although the MS group walk was over, I was having such a terrific time that I went on the other two handicap accessible trails:  “Sea Lion Point and Sand Hill” and “Whalers Cove and Cabin.”  They both were unbelievably beautiful, but each had its own amenities.  The Sea Lion Point and Sand Hill Trail had beauty and a diverse number of wild life species including sea lions, birds, sea otters and young Homo sapiens. (Watching the children having so much fun made my experience exponentially better.)

Tammy #10

Tammy #11

Whalers Cove and Cabin, on the hand, was serene and tthought-provoking, as well as educational and beautiful.  I learned so much history from the docent at the Whalers Cabin. I truly enjoyed it and recommend it highly.

Tammy #12

Whalers Cove and Cabin
Whalers Cove and Cabin
The whole experience, in my opinion, was FABULOUS!  I will definitely be going back, again and again.
A special thanks to Grant Helm for organizing and attending the outing, and to MSQLP for funding it.

(F.Y.I. – You can get a 50% State Parks Discount Card free from the California Parks office on Garden Road in Monterey.  It is accepted  at all of the California State Parks.)

By Jeri Murphy

Traveler, writer, photographer, former wedding officiant, mother, friend, explorer and new Texian ... that's just a little about me!

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Hello, Sylvia.

I believe that if you contact MSQLP you can get on their contact list and be notified for upcoming events. Here’s their website, with all the details:

Happy travels!


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