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Necessary Places

After spending hours in a tour vehicle, or wandering through a museum, market or garden, that all-important stop to take care of bodily needs is essential.

Images by RJM
It’s important to know how to properly use the facilities!

When traveling with a wheelchair, knowing where to find an accessible “Restroom / WC / Toilette” is even more important.

Of course, accessibility is sometimes broadly defined, as wheelchair-user Mark Wilson cleverly notes in this post “The Disabled or Wheelchair Accessible Loo.”

Today I’ll leave the humorous writing to Mark, and I will share  few “potty photos” taken during my recent trip to New Zealand.

Sometimes the restrooms were delightfully artistic!Images by RJM

Paihia’s Wee Toilet

I was delighted to see that wheelchair users were welcome on the Hole-in-the-Rock cruise.

Images by RJM
Aboard Fullers Great Sights – Hole-in-the-Rock and Dolphin Cruise

The Waitangi Treaty Grounds had a very modern facility.

Images by RJM
Accessible restroom at Waitangi Treaty House, Bay of Islands, NZ

Children, or road-weary travelers, know where to go!

Images by RJM
Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park, Rotorua, NZ
Images by RJM
Rotorua, New Zealand
Images by RJM
Napier, New Zealand
Images by RJM
Napier, New Zealand
Images by RJM
Hokitika, New Zealand
Images by RJM
Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

Sometimes the facilities were spacious and blended well with the surroundings …

Images by RJM
Wellington Botanic Garden, New Zealand

… and sometimes not!

Images by RJM
Along the road to Milford Sound

Some were small and utilitarian …

Images by RJM
Definitely not wheelchair accessible. (Abel Tasman, South Island, New Zealand)

… while others were spacious and comfortable.

One of the nicest facilities we encountered. (And worth the $1.00 entry fee!) Photo by Francine Freitas
One of the nicest facilities we encountered – and worth the $1.00 entry fee!
(Photo by Francine Freitas)

None of our accommodations were meant to be wheelchair-accessible, and the bathrooms varied greatly.

Images by RJM
Tiny bathroom in our cabin at Bay View Snapper Holiday Park, Napier, NZ
Images by RJM
Spacious bathroom in our room at Quality Hotel Cargills, Dunedin, New Zealand

Fortunately, the only chamber pots we encountered were those on exhibit at the historic houses we visited. Thank goodness!

Images by RJM
Te Waimate Mission, New Zealand

As you can tell this post is meant to be lighthearted as well as informative, because having a sense of humor is essential when traveling!



By Jeri Murphy

Traveler, writer, photographer, former wedding officiant, mother, friend, explorer and new Texian ... that's just a little about me!

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My group’s hunting and fishing camp, located in the middle of the George Washington National Forest, has an outdoor privy. But it is a special privy . . . a two seater with an electric light bulb overhead. It has accommodated many of us with disabilities.


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