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Promove Sling – Helping disabled people get from A 2 B with Dignity

(This blog is meant to inspire people to travel, whether they are able-bodied or “differently-abled.” When I learn about travel aids to help those who fall in the latter category, I like to share that information.)

Dr. Huw Thomas loves to travel. Unfortunately, being unable to walk due to Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy, he has endured “years of manhandling by well-meaning but poorly equipped staff at various airports.”

Imagine being picked up under the arms and knees with all your weight focused onto these small areas. Imagine then being carefully but quickly shifted across a space as tight as an airport cabin into a seat.

That certainly does not seem like a comfortable or dignified way to begin a journey.

Sadly, this is the experience of thousands of disabled people across the world, whether traveling by air, wanting to partake in any activities involving getting out of the wheelchair, or having to be moved in an emergency.

And prior to 2007 there was no alternative, unless you were in a controlled environment where a hoist was available.

So in 2007 Dr. Thomas, a research scientist, designed the Promove lifting sling which offers a solution that allows a disabled person to be moved with dignity, comfort and ease while providing handlers the means of distributing the load between several, thereby reducing the load on each of them.

(Photo provided by Huw Thomas, Managing Director, Promove UK)
(Photo provided by Huw Thomas, Managing Director, Promove UK)

Using a simple three-step process, as illustrated on Promove’s website, an individual can be moved “from A 2 B with Dignity.”

The sling is easily placed beneath a seated person in much the same way as a regular sling but when in place, handles link together to create a bucket shaped seat with handles at the thighs and shoulders enabling the disabled or incapacitated person to be lifted by two or four operatives. There are extra handles available to help move bariatric individuals using up to eight operatives.

The Promove sling comes in a variety of sizes, for children and adults, and with or without head support.

Initially designed for Dr. Thomas’ own use, the Promove sling is now sold to schools, colleges, airports, emergency services and, of course, disabled individuals and their families worldwide.

Here’s now you can learn more about this very helpful travel aid:

Online at

On Facebook: Promove Slings

Or by email:


(This post was written, with the approval of Dr. Huw Thomas, based on information gleaned from the above-named website and Facebook page, as well as Dr. Thomas’ profile information on LinkedIn.)

By Jeri Murphy

Traveler, writer, photographer, former wedding officiant, mother, friend, explorer and new Texian ... that's just a little about me!

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I hope this info is helpful for you, Roberta.
If you do try the Promove Sling, I would be very interested to hear about your experience with it.



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