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Hello, South Island

Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2013

As we entered Queen Charlotte Sound (from the wider expanse of Cook Strait, after leaving Wellington), I was standing as close to the bow of the ship as I could get. There were probably 20 or 30 people standing out there, and it was quiet. It was as though we were greeting the South Island with reverence and awe.

Hello, South Island
Entering Queen Charlotte Sound

 I felt a mixture of sadness and joy as I said goodbye to the North Island.

Sadness, because this marked the halfway point of our New Zealand trip.

And joy, because I was eager to see the beauty of the South Island!

We left Wellington at midday, checked our luggage at the terminal, and boarded the Interislander Ferry for the three-hour ride across Cook Strait.Hello, South Island

Hello, South IslandHello, South IslandOur ship, the Aratere (which is Maori for “quick path”) had many amenities including a food court, lounge, cinema and plenty of space for travelers to sit and relax Hello, South Island or even take a nap! Hello, South IslandI did none of these things. I spent the entire trip wandering the decks, from one end of the boat to the other, enjoying the scenery and taking photos.Hello, South Island

Hello, South IslandHello, South Island

Hello, South Island
Our ferry counterpart, heading north to Wellington.

I believe my friend, Francine, captured my experience perfectly when she said, “You look like a kid in a candy shop!” Hello, South IslandAs I looked from left to right and straight ahead, I saw blue water, green forested hills, occasional white flying specks of birds; it was a glorious vision!

Hello, South IslandHello, South IslandHello, South Island

Hello, South Island
Picton, South Island, NZ


Wheelchair accessibility

The Interislander Ferry is wheelchair accessible, as described on their “Ships and Services” page.

Hello, South Island
Ramped entry (similar to boarding an airplane)

Hello, South Island

By Jeri Murphy

Traveler, writer, photographer, former wedding officiant, mother, friend, explorer and new Texian ... that's just a little about me!

2 replies on “Hello, South Island”

Thank you for the compliment, Ted.
New Zealand – and especially the South Island – is so beautiful that photography doesn’t do it justice.


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