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New Zealand in Your Pocket!

If you don’t like to read blogs where the author “sings their own praises,” then you’ll probably want to skip my post today.

And probably Sunday’s too.

(But after that, I will get back to talking about my travels. I promise!)

You’ve probably heard of LinkedIn, an online networking forum where you can virtually hang out with other people who share your interests. I belong to some LinkedIn travel groups, including a few that focus on accessibility.

One of my connections is with the New Zealand Tourism Industry because, as you know, I loved my New Zealand trip! A couple of weeks ago I received a message from another member of that group, a gentleman named Yuri who lives in Auckland and works for iTravelNZ®, a company that has created a free travel app for New Zealand.

Yuri told me a little about the business [see below], said that he feels that accessibility is important, and asked if I had any articles he could add to the travel app.

Oh! Yes!!

So here’s the bragging part: If you click on this link, and then go to “Travel Tips” (at the top of the page) and under the “Spotlight” section click on “Travel Blogs,” you’ll see what I’ve submitted so far.

I am delighted to be sharing my experience, and if I can encourage and entice people with accessibility needs to visit New Zealand, I will be SO happy!

Deep Cove, Doubtful Sound, NZ

So if you are going to New Zealand and plan to take your smart phone (iPhone or Droid), download this free app, and enjoy!

I asked Yuri to tell me a little more about the business, and here’s what he had to say:

About itravelNZ®

Our aim is to showcase our beautiful country and it’s nature, the things that make New Zealand special. We achieve this through the latest technology in smartphone applications.

itravelNZ® provides travellers, both local and international, with information that makes their travel easy and fun! Thousand of travellers already use our app, with more downloading everyday.

It’s been featured by NZ Herald, independently rated as the best travel app in the county and both Vodafone and Telecom have promoted it to mobile users over the summer as one of the “hottest apps” around.


Taranaki Daily News 18 March 2013 “Travel gems in tourist’s palms”

Telecom 14 March 2013 “Switch on to summer with your Smartphone”

Vodafone 12 Dec 2012 “Let the festivities begin with the 12 apps of Christmas”

Oamaru Mail 5 Jun 2012, “It’s appy days for local tourism” by Rebecca Ryan

Eastern Courier  8 June 2012, “New app maps it out for travellers” by Lisa Honeybone

North Shore Times  25 May 2012, “Travel maps go out window” by Lisa Honeybone

Otago Daily Times 5 Jun 2012, “App feeds attractions on to screens” by Andrew Ashton

Backpackers News 4 April 2012, “Free travel app launched”

The Daily Post 13 March 2012, “Taupo puts itself on the app” by Julie Taylor

NZ Herald 13 February 2012, “Smartphone app gets tourists on track” by Gill South

Nelson Mail 2 February 2, “Tourists play smart with new app”

“New Zealand in your pocket!” is a registered trademark of iTravelNZ®

By Jeri Murphy

Traveler, writer, photographer, former wedding officiant, mother, friend, explorer and new Texian ... that's just a little about me!

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